1871                                            Alaska                                     1947

Iron Great Lakes package freighter

Built at Buffalo NY by Gibson & Craig
Launched Dec 29, 1870

228’ LOA, 212’ LBP, 32’ beam, 14’ depth
2 decks, coal-fired boilers, low pressure engine

Enrolled at Buffalo NY April 1, 1871 (#120)
212.6 x 32.0 x 13.9, 1288.06 tons (gross tons, 1147.92 NT 1882)     US 105135     to:
Edwin T. and James C. Evans, Buffalo NY (home port Buffalo NY)

Entered service 1871

Sold 1873 to Erie & Western Transportation Co., Erie PA (home port to Erie PA)

Great Lakes vessel fleet of Pennsylvania Railroad, also known as the “Anchor Line”

Sold 1911 to James O’Connor, Tonawanda NY.  Converted to lumber carrier at Buffalo NY by Empire Shipbuilding Co.
Remeasured to 986 GT, 592 NT

Sold 1914 to Mullen Coal Co., Amherstburg ON and converted to fuel lighter

Transferred 1931 to Mullen Transit Co.

Engine removed 1936 and transferred to ownership of Canadian affiliate but rejected for Canadian enrollment.

Not used again (perhaps not used after 1924).  Lay idle at the Mullen Coal Co. dock at Sandwich ON

Sold July 2, 1947 to Steel Company of Canada, Hamilton ON for scrapping.  Towed to Hamilton and scrapped there.

See history in Detroit Marine Historian Feb 1959 (#32)
Also Feb 1959 (#102)
Also in Great Lakes Ships We Remember p. 9








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