Hutchinson, J.T.

1901                                  J. T. Hutchinson                                  1969

Steel Great Lakes bulk freighter

Built at Cleveland OH by American Ship Building Co., Hull 405
Launched Feb 9, 1901

366’ LOA, 346’ LBP, 48’ beam, 28’ depth
1 deck, hold beams, hatches @ 24’, coal-fired boilers, triple expansion engine, 1300 IHP

Enrolled at Cleveland OH March 27, 1901 (#65)
346.0 x 48.0 x 28.0, 3734 GT, 2780 NT     US 77457     to:
American Ship Building Co., Cleveland OH (home port to Cleveland OH)

Reenrolled at Cleveland OH April 19, 1901 (#      to:
Pioneer Steamship Co., Cleveland OH, Hutchinson & Co., Mgr. (home port to Fairport OH)

Entered service 1901

Cargo hold rebuilt 1914 to arch construction and 12’ center hatch covers
Remeasured to 3690 GT, 2274 NT

Cargo hold rebuilt 1920 with side tanks at Cleveland OH by American Ship Building Co.
Remeasured to 24.0 depth and 3300 GT, 2015 NT

Sold March 17, 1923 to Forest City Steamship Co., Cleveland OH and renamed H. A. Rock

Sold Aug 27, 1927 to Lake Erie Coal Co., Walkerville ON and renamed Alexander Leslie (home port to Windsor ON)
Enrolled Canadian at 353.6 x 48.2 x 23.7, 3509 GT, 2000 NT     Can 154692

Sold 1964 to Norlake Steamships Ltd., Toronto ON

Sold for scrap 1969 to Steel Factors Ltd..  Carried final cargo of salt to Trois Rivieres QC Dec 1969 and laid up at Quebec QC.  Resold to Spanish shipbreakers.  Cleared Quebec May 31, 1971 with str. Stonefax towed by Polish tug Jantar.  Tow arrived Santander Spain June 19, 1971.

IMO 5010098

See history in Great Lakes Ships We Remember III p. 221



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  1. My grandfather worked aboard the Alexander Leslie as marine cook around the year 1920. His name was Arthur Harding Alexander. He became a teacher and later a principal in south-western Ontario, but it is my understanding that he also worked as cook during some of the summer holidays, as teachers in those early days were not paid during this time of the year. Is there a crew manifest for the ship that would confirm this? I would appreciate any info -or leads- that would shed light on his service on the Alexander Leslie. Thanks in advance.

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