Maytham, Thomas

1892                                  Thomas Maytham                                  1941 (1942)

Steel Great Lakes bulk and package freight vessel

Built at Chicago IL by Chicago Ship Building Co., Hull 6
Launched Oct 8, 1892

300’ LOA, 286’ LBP, 41’ beam, 24’ depth
2 decks, hold beams, 10 hatches @ 24’, coal-fired boilers, triple expansion engine, 800 IHP

Enrolled at Buffalo NY Nov 1, 1892 (#22)
286.0 x 41.3 x 21.3, 2329.75 GT, 1972.83 NT     US 145631     to:
M. M. Drake et al, Buffalo NY (home port Buffalo NY)
(Marcus M. Drake 2/40, John Kelderhouse 16/40, Thomas Maytham 1/3)

Entered service 1892

Sold 1904 to Gilchrist Transportation Co., Cleveland OH, J. C. Gilchrist, Mgr.

Sold Feb 24, 1916 to General Transit Co., Cleveland OH, C. W. Bryson, Mgr.

Sold in bankruptcy 1933 to Maytham Steamship Co., Cleveland OH, C. W. Bryson, Mgr.

Sold 1934 to Dolomite Marine Corporation, Rochester NY.

Laid up until 1937.  Enrollment surrendered 1935.  Partially dismantled 1937 at Fairport OH.  Towed to Rochester NY, where she was rebuilt to a New York State Barge Canal tanker in 1938 by Rochester Shipbuilding Co., repowered with a diesel engine and renamed Dolomite 2..

Reenrolled at Rochester NY 1938 to 286.0 x 41.2 x 18.8, 1958 GT, 1447 NT

Sold 1941 to Seaboard Transportation Corporation, New York NY for off-Lakes service during World War II

Renamed Motorex (U.S.) 1942 and Motorex (Br.) 1942

Torpedoed and sunk June 18, 1942 at 10.10 N, 81.30 W, Caribbean Sea.

See history in Great Lakes Ships We Remember II p. 217



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