1872                                            Russia                                  1909

Iron twin-screw Great Lakes passenger and package freight vessel

Built at Buffalo NY by King Iron Works (Gibson & Craig, subcontractor)

246’ LOA, 231’ LBP, 35’6” beam, 24’6” depth
2 decks, 6 hatches @ 24’, 2 coal-fired boilers, 2 steeple compound engines

Enrolled at Buffalo NY Aug 26, 1872 (#38)
231.7 x 35.7 x 13.35, 1501.77 tons (gross tons, 1334.57 NT 1882)       US 100063     to:
Charles Ensign, Buffalo NY (home port Buffalo NY) (Operated as Holt & Ensign Commercial Line)

Sold 1884 (after death of Charles Ensign) to James Ash et al, Buffalo NY

Sold 1888 to Lackawanna Transportation Co., Buffalo NY, Drake & Maytham, Mgr.

Sold summer 1900 to Lake Transit Co., Buffalo NY, John J. McWilliams, Mgr. (home port to Duluth MN)

Sold 1905 to Port Huron & Duluth Steamship Co., Port Huron MI, Charles O. Duncan, Mgr.

Foundered April 30, 1909 near Detour MI, Lake Huron.  No lives lost.  Enroute to Duluth MN with full cargo of freight.  Cargo shifted 12 miles off Detour.  Crew began jettisoning deck cargo of cement when cargo shifted again and steamer sank.  Enrollment surrendered May 10, 1909.






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