1882                                            Myles                                        1943

Composite Great Lakes bulk and package freight vessel

Built at Hamilton ON by Robertson
Launched Sept 2, 1882
Oak planking over iron frames

175’ LBP, 33’6” beam, 15’ depth
2 decks, coal-fired boilers, fore and aft compound engine, 465 IHP

Enrolled Canadian
175.0 x 33.6 x 15.2, 1211 GT, 929 NT     Can 77698     to:
Myles & Son, Hamilton ON, E. J. Myles, Mgr. (home port Hamilton ON)

Rebuilt 1896. 
Remeasured at 175.0 x 33.6 x 14.6, 1198 GT, 742 NT (gross tons revised 1901 to 1199)

Transferred 1900 to Myles Transportation Co., Hamilton ON

Rebuilt 1906 to 1 deck and renamed Cataract
Remeasured to 957 GT, 598 NT.

Sold 1911 to Charles W. Band, Toronto ON

Sold 1912 to Port Colborne & St. Lawrence Navigation Co.

Sold 1915 to Treffle Rondeau, Lanoraie QC  (home port to Montreal QC)  Rebuilt to barge for service on the lower St. Lawrence River. 
Remeasured to 174.8 x 32.9 x 15.9, 667 NT

Sold 1918 to Montreal Transportation Co., Montreal QC

Rebuilt at Montreal QC by Montreal Dry Dock & Ship Repairing Co. to powered vessel with reconditioned fore and aft compound engine, 400 IHP.
Remeasured to 174.6 x 33.2 x 15.0, 839 GT, 451 NT

Fleet merged 1921 to Canada Steamship Lines, Montreal QC

Damaged 1924 in collision with steamer Donald Stewart near Montreal QC and taken out of commission

Sold 1926 to Sorel Sand Co., Sorel QC and returned to service on the lower St. Lawrence River.

Sold 1936 to Sorel Harbour Tugs Ltd., Sorel QC (home port to Sorel QC)

Renamed Therese T. 1939.

Converted to barge

Sold 1940 to J. F. Sowards, Kingston ON and returned to the Great Lakes.

Laid up about 1943 at Kingston ON and scrapped there (some time later).

See history in Scanner Dec 1992 (#200)




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