Brown, Harvey H. 1

1894                                  Harvey H. Brown     1                                  1916 (1928)

Steel Great Lakes bulk freighter

Built at Wyandotte MI by Detroit Dry Dock Co., Hull 118
Launched March 14, 1894

359’2” LOA, 352’ LBP, 41’6” beam, 25’ depth
1 deck, hatches at 24’, coal-fired boilers, triple expansion engine, 1450 IHP, built with 5” oak sheathing on bottom

Enrolled at Detroit MI April 24, 1894 (#64)
351.1 x 40.8 x 21.6, 2673.60 GT, 1874.43 NT     US 96261     to:
Northwestern Transportation Co., Detroit MI, E. M. Peck, Mgr. (home town Detroit MI)

Entered service 1894

Sold March 9, 1916 to Coastwise Steamship Co., Boston MA for off-Lakes service.  Cut in two, towed to tidewater and rejoined.  Great Lakes enrollment surrendered March 17, 1916

Scrapped 1928 at Boston MA by Boston Iron & Metal Co.



2 thoughts on “Brown, Harvey H. 1

  1. Do you have any records of the captains that were assigned to the ships on the Great Lakes.
    My great grandfather was Edward Charles Gatfield (1847-1898), a sea captain until his death.

    Any info would be appreciated.
    Thank you.

    • I wouldn’t have any idea where this kind of record might be kept. The annual Great Lakes Red Book recorded captain assignments for the year but this directory only started publishing in 1899.

      You could post your question on the Information Search section of It’s possible someone out there might have the records you need.

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