Calumet (wooden)

1884                                       Calumet                                  1889

Wooden Great Lakes bulk freighter

Built at Buffalo NY by Union Dry Dock Co., Hull 38
Launched March 15, 1884

2 decks, coal-fired boilers,  engine,

Enrolled at Buffalo NY June 27, 1884 (#72)
256.8 x 37.2 x 19.8, 1526.17 GT, 1180.71 NT     US 126237     to:
James Ash 2/16 et al., Buffalo NY (home port to Buffalo NY)

Entered service 1884

Stranded Nov 27, 1889 off Fort Sheridan (Evanston) IL.  No lives lost.  Enroute from Buffalo NY to Milwaukee WI with cargo of coal.  Sprang leak, missed Milwaukee lights in blinding snowstorm, made for Chicago IL but beached off Fort Sheridan to avoid foundering.  Enrollment surrendered June 10, 1890.






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