Tilley, Sir S. L.

1884                                         Sir S. L. Tilley                                      1937

Composite Great Lakes package freighter

Built at St. Catharines ON by Louis Shickluna

167’ LBP, 34’6” beam, 24’ depth
2 decks, coal-fired boilers, fore and aft compound engine, 510 IHP

Enrolled Canadian 168.0 x 35.3 x 14.9, 1178 GT, 769 NT     Can 88632     to: 
Sylvester Neelon, St. Catharines ON (home port St. Catharines ON)
Entered service 1884

Sold 1898 to Mackay Bros., Hamilton ON

Caught fire Aug 26, 1899 12 miles off Fairport OH.  Enroute to Buffalo NY towing schooner T. R. Merritt,  both light.  Cabins destroyed.  Salvaged and rebuilt 1900 at Muir’s Shipyard, Port Dalhousie ON.

Sold 1901 to James Carruthers, Toronto ON (home port to Toronto ON) and renamed Advance.
Remeasured at 175.0 x 35.3 x 15.0, 1031 GT, 358 NT

Sold 1904 to Montreal Transportation Co., Montreal QC (home port to Montreal QC)

See history in Scanner Jan 1974 (#36)
Also in Great Lakes Ships We Remember II p. 352



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