Steel Electrician

1926                                  Steel Electrician                                  1964 (1970)

Steel St. Lawrence River canal size crane bulk freighter

Built at Kearny NJ by Federal Shipbuilding & Dry Dock Co., Hull 83

258’3” LOA, 250’ LBP, 42’9” beam, 20’ depth
1 deck, arch cargo hold construction, 3 oil-fired diesel engines, 750 BHP

Enrolled at New York NY
250.3 x 43.9 x 17.2, 1694 GT, 974 NT     US 225508     to:
United States Steel Products Co., Cleveland OH (home port New York NY)

Entered service 1926

Transferred 1938 (and later sold) for off-Lakes service and left the Great Lakes

Sold lat 1947 to Paterson Steamships Ltd., Fort William ON (home port to Fort William ON) and returned to the Great Lakes

Renamed Farrandoc  (2) 1948

Sold 1964 for off-Lakes service and left the Great Lakes

Renamed Quebec Trader and San Toma (Venezuela)

Scrapped 1970 Venezuela

See history in Great Lakes Ships We Remember II p. 109



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