1930                                           Redcloud                                             1963

Steel St. Lawrence River canal size bulk freight barge

Built at Montreal QC by Canadian Vickers Ltd., Hull 115

260’ LOA, 248’ LBP, 43’7” beam, 15’ depth
1 deck

Enrolled at Montreal QC
255.6 x 43.7 x 19.0, 1530 GT, 1530 NT     Can 155262     to:
The Red Barge Line Ltd., Montreal QC, Sin-Mac Lines Ltd, Mgr.  (home port Montreal QC)

Entered service 1930

Converted 1933 to twin-screw diesel bulk freighter at Sorel QC by Chantiers Manseau Ltee.
Remeasured to 1740 GT, 1377 NT

Sold 1934 to North American Transport Ltd., Montreal QC

Sold 1948 to Beaconsfield Steamships Ltd., Montreal QC

Remeasured to 1761 GT, 1425 NT

Scrapped 1963 at Sorel QC

See history in Scanner Oct 1997 (#237)







2 thoughts on “Redcloud

  1. This is the first information I have looked up on the Redcloud Both of my parents sailed on it along with many uncles and aunts.. My parents were done sailing before I was born in 1960… My father apparently was on other lakers? as well. His name was Francis Henry (Frank)Courtney My Mom’s name is Dorothy.. I am wondering if you have any history telling me when they were working etc My dad apparently was 2nd cook to his brother Louis Courntye? Or maybe Donald Courtney Heard so many stories growing up but now that most are passed, I;m confused on who did what Dad had 16 brothers & sisters.. And if you have info on any other lakers? my father was on I would greatly appreciate this.. Thanks again, Cindee

    • I think the chances of your finding anything out there are about as close to zero as you can get but what the heck you can always give it a try. There is a little available on captains and chief engineers but practically nothing on just plain old crew members (like what I was back when I sailed!). There is a major website called which among all the things they have is an information search section where you can ask all kinds of questions. Some of those guys out there have details on amazing lakes subjects no one else knows anything about. You could post the question there. Don’t get your hopes up but at least you can try.

      Good luck.

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