City of Duluth

1874                                     City of Duluth                            1898

Wooden Great Lakes passenger and package freight vessel

Built at Marine City MI by Philander P. Lester

1 deck, coal-fired boiler, engine,

Enrolled at Detroit MI July 4, 1874 (#1)
202.0 x 36.0 x 13.5, 1110.18 tons (882.90 1882)     US 125278     to:
Solomon Gardner, Detroit MI (home port Detroit MI)

Entered service July 1874

Sold 1875 to Alvin C. Burt and Herman C. Ralph, Detroit MI

Sold 1877 to John Pridgeon, Detroit MI (Alexander McDougall, Master)

Sold 1880 to John Pridgeon ¾ and Charles F. A. Spencer ¼, Detroit MI

Sold 1881 to Charles F. A. Spencer, Waukegan IL (home port to Waukegan IL)

Remeasured 1894 to 1310.41 GT, 912.46 NT

Sold 1896 to Lake Michigan & Lake Superior Transportation Co., Duluth MN (home port to Duluth MN)

Stranded Jan 26, 1898 outside piers at St. Joseph MI in heavy storm.  Enroute from Chicago IL to St. Joseph with 24 passengers and cargo of corn, flour and general merchandise.  When a tug could not reach the ship, a volunteer crew from the St. Joseph Lifesaving Station put out a breeches buoy and rescued the 40 passengers and crew aboard.  Enrollment surrendered March 11, 1898.






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