1891                                   115                                  1899

Steel whaleback bulk freight barge

Built at West Superior WI by American Steel Barge Co., Hull 115
First frames laid May 21, 1891, launched Aug 15, 1891

250’ LBP, 36’ beam, 22’ depth
1 deck, hatches @ 24’

Enrolled at Duluth MN Aug 20, 1891 (Temp #6)
256.0 x 36.1 x 18.9, 1169.11 GT, 1110.66 NT     US 53268     to:
American Steel Barge Co., Buffalo NY (home port Buffalo NY)

Entered service Aug 25, 1891 carrying iron ore from Superior WI

Stranded Dec 18, 1899 on Pic Island, Lake Superior.  Towed by steamer Colgate Hoyt with cargo of iron ore, tow line broke in heavy storm on Dec. 13.  Hoyt, failing to pick up barge and running out of fuel, continued on to Sault Ste. Marie.  Barge drifted for five days until she grounded on Pic Island.  Crew of seven made their way to mainland and rescue.  Vessel broke up on island.  Enrollment surrendered at Duluth MN Dec 31, 1902. (The rest of the American Steel Barge Co. fleet was sold to Bessemer Steamship Co. in early 1900 and this vessel, even though no longer in existence, was erroneously enrolled to the new company at Duluth on March 22.  It was this enrollment which was surrendered in Dec 1902.)



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