Iowa 1

1852                                       Iowa                1                        1869

Wooden Great Lakes

Built at Buffalo NY by F. N. Jones

1 deck, coal-fired boiler, high pressure engine,
Engine and boiler from str. New Orleans

Enrolled at Buffalo NY April 27, 1852 (#60)
242’ x 31’4” x 13’4”, 981 53/95 tons     to;
George W. Holt ¼, Rufus C. Palmer ¼ and James C. Evans ½, Buffalo NY (home port Buffalo NY)

Transferred 1855 to American Transportation Co., Rufus C. Palmer, Pres.

Sold March 1860 to William Williams, Andrew J. Rich and Henry Martin 1/3 each, Buffalo NY

Sold April 1860 to Edwin T. Evans, Buffalo NY

Sold 1864 to Peshtigo Co., Chicago IL

Remeasured 1865 under Act of May 6, 1864 (new measuring rules) to 1124.50 tons     US 44157  

Converted to barge 1867
Remeasured to 693.58 tons

Lost Nov 1869 from towing tug Admiral and stranded, Lake Michigan.  Hull broken up in storm later in the month.  Enrollment surrendered Nov 29, 1869.






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