1863                                   Idaho                                            1897

Wooden Great Lakes passenger and package freight vessel

Built at Cleveland OH by Peck & Masters

1 deck, coal-fired boiler, vertical low pressure direct acting engine,

Enrolled at Cleveland OH June 10, 1863 (Temp #13)
220.60 x 31.42 x 13.72, 915 45/95 tons     to:
Sheldon Pease, Dean Richmond and Henry A. Richmond composing the firm of  J. M. Richmond & Co. 1/3 each, Buffalo NY (home port Buffalo NY)

Entered service 1863

Permanent enrollment at Buffalo NY June 15, 1863 (#126)

Remeasured 1865 under Act of May 6, 1864 (new measurement rules) to 220.5 x 32.0 x 12.35, 1110.97 tons (906.80 NT 1882) (to 2 decks)     US 12069

Sold 1870 to Western Transportation Co., Buffalo NY

Firm renamed Western Transit Co. 1884

Foundered Nov 6, 1897 in gale twelve miles east of Long Point ON, Lake Erie.  Enroute from Buffalo NY to Duluth MN with cargo of Christmas toys.  After the storm the south shore was littered with toys.  Nineteen lives lost of 21 aboard;  two members of the crew were rescued by str. Mariposa (climbed to the top of her mast and held on for twelve hours until Mariposa arrived).  Enrollment surrendered Nov 10, 1897.







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