City of Traverse

1871                                  City of Traverse                                      1912

Wooden Great Lakes passenger and package freight vessel

Built at Cleveland OH by Quayle & Martin
Launched March 13, 1871

230’ LOA, 214’ LBP, 31’6” beam, 22’ depth
2 decks, coal-fired boilers, steeple compound engine, 650 IHP

Enrolled at Cleveland OH April 26, 1871 (Temp #3)
214.5 x 33.2 x 12.8, 1153.33 tons (925.98 NT 1882)     US 5928     to:
Albert T. Lay, Perry Hannah, James Morgan & William Morgan, ¼ each (Leopold & Lay) (home port Traverse City MI)

Entered service 1871

Permanent enrollment at Grand Haven MI May 24, 1871 (#59)

Transferred 1896 to Lake Michigan & Lake Superior Transportation Co., Chicago IL (home port to Duluth MN)

Sold 1905 to Stephen Jones, Chicago IL.  Purchased for use as a floating gambling vessel.  Anchored in Lake Michigan off Chicago with a pool room for horse betters, track results.  Operation shut down by Federal officials.

Sold 1907 to Graham & Morton Transportation Co., Chicago IL

Withdrawn from passenger service after 1908 season

Sold 1912 and converted into a floating dry dock at St. Joseph MI






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