Markham, General

(1913) 1933                                    General Markham                             1974

Steel St. Lawrence River canal size tanker

Built at Cleveland OH by American Ship Building Co., Hull 701
Launched June 21, 1913

261’ LOA, 250’ LBP, 43’ beam, 26’ depth
1 deck, arch cargo hold construction, oil-fired boilers, triple expansion engine, 1400 IHP

Enrolled at
250.0 x 43.0 x 26.0, 2487 GT, 1258 NT     US 211610   
Built for Standard Transportation Co., New York NY, a subsidiary of Standard Oil Co. (New York) as Radiant for off-Lakes service and left the Great Lakes upon completion

Renamed General Markham 1928

Sold 1933 to Cleveland Tankers Inc., Cleveland OH and returned to the Great Lakes.
Entered Great Lakes service 1933

Lengthened 1942 at Ashtabula OH by Great Lakes Engineering Works
Remeasured to 349.0 x 43.1 x 24.8, 3327 GT, 2457 NT

Renamed Rocket 1943

Operated at beginning of 1974 season but withdrawn from service shortly afterward when oil was found leaking into the lake from around her rivets

Sold for scrap 1974 to Marine Salvage Ltd., Port Colborne ON.  Resold to Spanish shipbreakers. 
Cleared Quebec QC July 8, 1974 with str. City of Green Bay towed by Polish tug Koral.  Tow arrived Castellon Spain Aug 1, 1974

IMO 5298224





4 thoughts on “Markham, General

  1. Since it is Hallowen and all, spooky history on this boat, My grandfather was the Captian of the rocket starting in the 40’s for 14 years, he also died on this boat of a massive heart attack in the port of Onterio Cananda, (Captian Harry C. Gregg SR.)

    If you have information to share I will be happy to share what I have, Cleveland Tanker paycheck stubs, etc, ship crew photo. stuff like that.

    Thank you. Jon Gregg

    • I’ve checked the beginning of season captain and chief engineer appointments I have and if they are correct, this is the history on your grandfather:

      His first announced master appointment by Cleveland Tankers Inc. was to the Orion in 1949. He was transferred to the Rocket in 1956, then to the Pleiades in 1957, then to the Mercury in 1960 and then to the Polaris in 1961. His last appointment was to the Polaris for 1963. I have histories on all these (as Edgewater for Orion).

      I’m sure these assignments are changed during any season as captains get sick or go on vacation or vessels are laid up temporarily but this is the best I can find out as of now.

      Sterling Berry

  2. I just ran in to this about Cleveland Tankers and their ships. My father Norman J. Rupp sailed for the from the 1950’s in to the 1980’s. Im just looking for any information. I took me on a trip on the Rocket 1965 from Kewaunee, WI to Muskegon, MI.
    Thanks , much appreciated
    Teresa Champeau.

    • Try asking your question on Click on Info Search. May be someone who visits that site (very many do) who could help you.

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