Neebing 1

1903                                  Neebing     1                                   1915 (19

Steel St. Lawrence Canal size bulk freighter

Built at Walker-on-Tyne, Eng. by Armstrong Whitworth & Co., Hull 745

257’ LOA, 248’ LBP, 42’ beam, 25’ depth
Hatches @ 24’, coal-fired boilers, triple expansion engine

Enrolled at Newcastle Eng.
247.6 x 42.0 x 21.8, 1879 GT, 1187 NT     Br 118618     to:
Thos. Marks & Co., Montreal QC (home port Newcastle Eng.)

Entered Great Lakes service 1903

Sold 1910 to Canadian Northwest Steamship Co., Montreal QC, F. S. Wiley, Mgr.

Sold 1915 for off-Lakes service and left the Great Lakes

Renamed Jan Tomp 1915



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  1. In 1922 she was bought by USSR and in 1925 entered BLASCO service at the Black sea. Comissioned to Soviet Navy in April 1942. On August 30 1942 sunk by German torpedo boats S-28 and S-102 near Sochi. Wreck coordinates .43°44’N 39°29’E

    • Thanks very much for the information.

      Is BLASCO an acronym for Black Sea Company?

      Was she renamed while in Russian service?

      Sterling Berry

      Sterling Berry

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