Lambert, John

1903                                  John Lambert                                  1916 (1916)


Steel St. Lawrence River canal size bulk freighter

Built at Chicago IL by Chicago Shipbuilding Co., Hull 59
Launched May 9, 190255’

LOA, 241’ LBP, 41’ beam, 18’ depth
6 hatches @ 24’, coal-fired boilers, triple expansion engine, 600 IHP

Enrolled at Chicago IL May 23, 1903 (#87)
241.0 x 41.0 x 15.6, 1550 GT, 929 NT     US 77583     to:
American Ship Building Co., Cleveland OH (home port Cleveland OH)

Entered service 1903

Reenrolled at Duluth MN July 30, 1903 (#7) to:
Great Lakes & St. Lawrence Transportation Co., Duluth MN, A. B. Wolvin, Mgr.
(home port to Duluth MN)

Management of fleet transferred 1905 to D. Sullivan & Co., Chicago IL (home port remained Duluth MN)

Converted to crane vessel 1912 at Chicago IL by Ship Owners Dry Dock Co.

Sold Aug 8, 1916 to the French government for off-Lakes service and left the Great Lakes

Renamed Houlgate (France)  1916

Lost Nov 22, 1916 off Isle of Wight, Atlantic Ocean.  Enroute from Montreal QC with coal for Havre France on her delivery voyage to her new owners.



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