1958 (1959)                               Maplebranch                              1982 (1988)

Steel coastal tanker

Built at Sorel QC by Marine Industries Ltd., Hull 238
Launched April 19, 1958

Operated in off-Lakes service until the opening of the St. Lawrence Seaway

375’11” LOA, 352’ LBP, 52’ beam, 27’4” depth
1 deck, oil-fired diesel engines, 1600 BHP

Enrolled at
361.0 x 52.1 x 27.2, 4463 GT, 3011 NT     Can 310914     to:
Branch Lines Ltd., Sorel QC (home port Sorel QC)

Entered Great Lakes service 1959

Converted 1962 to self-unloading cement carrier at Sorel QC by Marine Industries Ltd. Employed to supply cement for the building of a Hydro-Quebec power plant at Baie Comeau QC.  Job completed 1968

Converted 1969 back to tanker at Sorel QC by Marine Industries Ltd.

Fleet sold 1978 to Davie Shipyard and operated as Branch Lines Division

Renamed L’Erable No. 1  (1) 1981

Sold 1982 for off-Lakes service and left the Great Lakes

Renamed Tlatoani (Panama 11042) 1982

Scrapped 1988 Texas

IMO 5428051






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