1882                                      Wallula                                  1913 (1921)

Wooden Great Lakes bulk freighter

Built at Cleveland OH by Thomas Quayle’s Sons

276’ LOA, 260’ LBP, 40’ beam, 23’6” depth
2 decks, coal-fired boilers, fore and aft compound engine, 750 IHP

Enrolled at Cleveland OH June 16, 1882 (#73)
260.2 x 39.8 x 21.9, 1924.34 tons (1415.70 NT July 1, 1882)     US 80897     to:
Thomas Wilson et al., Cleveland OH (home port to Cleveland OH)

Entered service 1882

Transferred 1890 to Wilson Transit Co.  

Stranded Nov 14, 1896 trying to enter harbor at Conneaut OH in gale, caught fire and burned to the water’s edge.  Raised, repaired at Cleveland OH and returned to service.

Sold 1901 to J. C. Gilchrist, Cleveland OH

Transferred 1903 to Gilchrist Transportation Co. (home port to Fairport OH)

Sold 1913 for off-Lakes service, shortened at Milwaukee WI by Milwaukee Drydock Co. and left the Great Lakes.  Great Lakes enrollment surrendered June 17, 1913.

Scrapped 1921 at Bath ME.  Enrollment surrendered Feb 14, 1921.





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