Lindsay, A. G.

1889                                      A. G. Lindsay                   1907 (1916)

Wooden Great Lakes bulk freighter

Built at Detroit MI by Detroit Dry Dock Co., Hull 96
Launched June 22, 1889

211’ LOA, 198’ LBP, 37’6” beam, 22’ depth
1 deck, coal-fired boiler, fore and aft compound engine, 470 IHP

Enrolled at Detroit MI July 8, 1889 (#3)
196.0 x 37.6 x 14.4, 880.69 GT, 732.39 NT     US 106645     to:
Sulphite Fiber Transportation Co., Detroit MI (home port Delray MI)

Entered service 1889

Rebuilt 1892
Remeasured to 198.4 x 37.6 x 21.8, 1354.24 GT, 1111.51 NT

Home port to Ecorse MI 1897

Sulphite Fiber Co. failed in 1898 and vessel taken over by Peninsular Savings Bank, Buffalo NY. 

Chartered Nov 1898 for off-Lakes service.  Attempt to lighten the vessel to allow it to pass safely down the rapids of the St. Lawrence River failed and she was returned to Great Lakes service in 1899.

Sold 1899 to Charles R. Jones 7/8 and C. H. Woodford 1/8, Cleveland OH (home port to Cleveland OH)

Transferred 1899 to Lumber Transportation Co. (home port to Fairport OH) 

Transferred 1900 to S. W. Transit Co., Cleveland OH, a subsidiary of Sherwin-Williams Co., Charles T. Williams, Mgr. 

Rebuilt at Marine City
Remeasured to original dimensions and 1067 GT, 678 NT

Sold 1907 for off-Lakes service and left the Great Lakes.  Great Lakes enrollment surrendered May 6, 1907.

Renamed Pavlov 1915

Stranded Feb 7, 1916 on Little Tugidak Island Alaska, Pacific Ocean.  Enrollment surrendered March 10, 1916.







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