Hudson, Bruce

1935                                        Bruce Hudson                          1969 (1983)

Steel tank barge

Built at Fort Erie ON by Horton Steel Works

524’ LOA
1 deck

Enrolled at Toronto ON
164.2 x 30.0 x 10.2, 452 GT, 440 NT     Can 158658     to:
Lloyd Refineries, Toronto ON

Entered service April 1935

Capsized July 13, 1935 off Cobourg ON, Lake Ontario in high sea.  Enroute from Montreal QC to Port Credit ON with a cargo of crude oil, towed by tug Muscallonge.  Towed (upside down) to St. Catharines ON, righted and returned to service.

Crew taken off vessel Nov 16, 1935 in very high seas off Cobourg.  Same trip, towed by tug Ethel.  Taken under tow by str. Brulin to St. Catharines, where she was repaired by Port Weller Dry Docks.  Rebuilt 1939 and converted to twin-screw powered tanker at Port Dalhousie ON by Muir Bros. Dry Dock Co.  Powered by two triple expansion engines with oil-fired boilers.
Remeasured to 172.0 x 30.0 x 15.2, 753 GT, 398 NT

Heavily damaged July 26, 1943 in explosion and fire at dock at East Chicago IN, Lake Michigan.  Four lost including her master.  Repaired with new forward cabins at Port Dalhousie ON by Muir Bros. Dry Dock Co. and returned to service.

Lengthened and deepened 1947 at St. Catharines ON by Port Weller Dry Docks
Remeasured to 212.7 x 30.1 x 15.3, 1071 GT, 734 NT

Sold 1948 to Transit Tankers & Terminals Ltd., Montreal QC.

Transferred 1952 to Coastalake Tankers Ltd. and renamed Coastal Cliff.

Lengthened and repowered with diesel engines 1957 at Montreal QC bt St. Lawrence Drydocks
Remeasured to 250.3 length and 1319 GT, 933 NT

Sold 1969 for off-Lakes service and left the Great Lakes

Renamed Witcroix 1969

Scrapped about 1983 at Cartagena Colombia

See history in Scanner Jan-March 1991 (#188)
(Including interesting and entertaining descriptions of her numerous accidents)






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