Pierce, Daniel

(1921) 1951                                 Daniel Pierce                            1963 (1964)

Steel tanker

Built at Wilmington DE by Bethlehem Shipbuilding Co., Hull 3476               
Launched 1921

Built as Elizabeth W. Sinclair for Sinclair Refining Co., New York NY.  Renamed Daniel Pierce.   Requisitioned 1943 by U. S. Navy for service during World War II and renamed U.S.S. Shikellamy  (AO-90, later AOG-47).  Returned after end of war to Sinclair Refining Co. and renamed Daniel Pierce.  Came into the Great Lakes immediately after str. Cliffs Victory via the Mississippi and Illinois Rivers, where she entered the oil trade between Lake Michigan ports.

391’6” LOA, 375’ LBP, 53’ beam, 28’ depth
1 deck, oil-powered boilers, triple expansion engine, 2400 IHP

Enrolled at
375.2 x 53.2 x 28.1, 4887 GT, 2847 NT     US 221210    

Sold 1963 to Brooks Liquid Transport Inc., Berwyn IL

Sold 1963 for off-Lakes service and left the Great Lakes

Suffered severe bottom damage July 14, 1964 at Guanica PR when sulphuric acid leaked into her bilges and scrapped.  (The town had to be evacuated because of the acid fumes in the air.)






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