Grammer, G.J.

1902                                  G. J. Grammer                                  1955 (1962)

Steel Great Lakes bulk freighter

Built at West Superior WI by Superior Shipbuilding Co., Hull 504
Launched Jan 18, 1902

366’ LOA, 346’ LBP, 48’ beam, 28’ depth
1 deck, hold beams, hatches @ 24’, coal-fired boilers, triple expansion engine, 1200 IHP

Enrolled at Marquette MI April 10, 1902 (Temp #16)
362.0 x 48.0 x 24.0, 3914 GT, 2850 NT     US 86610     to:
Superior Shipbuilding Co.,

Entered service 1902

Reenrolled at Cleveland OH May 7, 1902 (#85) to:
Seither Transit Co., Cleveland OH, Frank Seither, Mgr.

Sold March 8, 1916 to Valley Steamship Co., Cleveland OH, W. H. Becker, Mgr.

Fleet renamed Becker Steamship Co. Aug 4, 1922

Sold June 12, 1923 to Pioneer Steamship Co., Cleveland OH, Hutchinson & Co., Mgr.

Sold Oct 19, 1923 to Grammer Steamship Co., Cleveland OH, C. O. Jenkins, Mgr.

Management of vessel transferred 1926 to Boland & Cornelius, Buffalo NY (home port to Buffalo NY)

Home port to Wilmington DE 1932

Sold 1936 to American Steamship Co., Buffalo NY, Boland & Cornelius, Mgr. and renamed Adam E. Cornelius Jr.

Sold 1941 to Nicholson-Universal Steamship Co., Detroit MI

Transferred 1942 to Overlakes Freight Corporation, Detroit MI, Nicholson-Universal Steamship Co., Mgr. and renamed Troy H. Browning (1)

Renamed D. A. Moloney 1944

Transferred 1950 to T. H. Browning Steamship Co., Detroit MI

Sold 1955 to Alpha Lake Ship Co., a subsidiary of Continental Grain Co. for grain storage in Buffalo NY harbor and retired from active service.

Sold for scrap 1962 to Marine Salvage Ltd., Port Colborne ON and scrapped at Port Colborne



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