Simard, J. Edouard

1961                                   J. Edouard Simard                            2000 (2003)

Steel Great Lakes and coastal tanker

Built at Sorel QC by Marine Industries Ltd., Hull 269
Launched April 22, 1960

412’5” LOA, 388’ LBP, 52’ beam, 28’ depth
1 deck, oil-fired diesel engine, 4000 BHP

Enrolled at
398.6 x 52.1 x 27.8, 5104 GT, 3446 NT     Can 312958     to:
Marine Industries Ltd., Sorel QC (home port Sorel QC)

Entered service Aug 1961

Transferred 1967 to Branch Lines Ltd., a subsidiary of Marine Industries Ltd., and renamed Edouard Simard.

Transferred 1968 to Westriver Ore Transports Ltd. 

Midbody replaced 1979 at Sorel QC by Marine Industries Ltd. to replace corroded cargo tanks (resulting in an 18’ increase in length)
Remeasured to 416.0 length and 5065 GT, 3451 NT

Sold 1982 to Sofati-Soconav, and renamed Le Chene No. 1.

Sold 1997 to Enerchem and renamed Enerchem Trader.

Enerchem fleet sold 1998 to Algoma Tankers Ltd., Dartmouth NS.  Vessel would have been renamed Algotrader but she remained in layup at Quebec QC and was never renamed.

Sold 2000 for off-Lakes service and left the Great Lakes

Renamed Silverhead (Panama) 2000

Scrapped 2003 at Gadani Beach, Pakistan

IMO 5166524





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