(1907) 1927                                  Delia                                  1937

Steel ocean freighter

Built at Newcastle-on-Tyne England by Wood, Skinner & Co., Hull 144
Built for German interests.  Sold British in 1921 and to owner below in 1927

Coal-fired boilers, triple expansion engine,

Enrolled at
225.2 x 34.2 x 14.3, 1267 GT, 775 NT     Br 145292     to:
Delia Shipping Co., Halifax NS

Participated in the Great Lakes fall grain trade between Buffalo NY and Montreal QC, beginning in the 1927 season, on a continuing temporary basis

Enrollment transferred to Canada 1929     Can 145292     (home port to Halifax N.S.)

Foundered March 11, 1937 at Drook Point, Trepassey Bay, Newfoundland.  Caught in the ice March 8 with a cargo of codfish and crushed by the ice.  No lives lost.



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