Browning, Troy H.

(1946) 1952                             Troy H. Browning                           1980

Steel Great Lakes bulk freighter

Built at Vancouver WA by Kaiser Company Inc., Hull 520
Built as Scott E. Land for U. S. Maritime Commission as Class C4-S-A4 class cargo vessel during World War II, registered at 497.21 x 71.7 x 29.9, 10688 GT, 7506 NT.  522’10” LOA, 496’7” LBP, 71’7” beam, 43’6” depth.  Laid up after the war in the James River reserve fleet.  Sold 1951 to owners below.

Towed to Baltimore MD, where she was converted to a Great Lakes bulk freighter by Maryland Dry Dock Co.  New forebody built at Pascagoula AL by Ingalls Shipbuilding Co. and towed to Baltimore.  Renamed Troy H. Browning.  Finished vessel towed into the Great Lakes via the Mississippi and Illinois Rivers.  Final conversion was completed at South Chicago IL by American Ship Building Co.

New dimensions:  604’ LOA, 585’ LBP, 71’6” beam, 35’ depth
1 deck, hatches @ 24’, oil-fired boilers, steam turbine engine, 9000 SHP

Enrolled at
585.7 x 71.7 x 29.9, 9115 GT, 5719 NT     US 249354     to:
Nicholson-Universal Steamship Co., Detroit MI, Troy H. Browning, Mgr.

Entered Great Lakes service 1952

Sold 1951 to Republic Steel Corporation, Detroit MI, Troy H. Browning, Mgr.

Renamed Thomas F. Patton 1955

Management of fleet transferred 1957 to Wilson Marine Transit Co., Cleveland OH

Management of fleet transferred 1972 to Cleveland-Cliffs Iron Co., Cleveland OH

Sold for scrap 1980 to Indian shipbreakers.  Cleared Quebec QC Sept 8, 1980 with str. Charles M. White towed by tug Fairplay X.  Tow arrived Karachi India before Dec 23, 1980

IMO 5359286




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