1867                                    Colorado                                           1898

Wooden Great Lakes package freighter

Built at Buffalo NY by Taylor & Jewett

2 decks, coal-fired boilers, engine,

Enrolled at Buffalo NY May 21, 1867 (#121)
254.6 x 35.0 x 13.0, 1470.55 tons (1321.78 NT 1882)     US 4267     to:
Charles Ensign and George W. Holt 50% each, Buffalo NY (home port Buffalo NY)

Sold 1884 to Peter P. Miller (1/5) et al., Buffalo NY

Sold 1887 to R. Julius Richardson (1/2) and Hartson G. Barnum and Henry Howard (1/4 each), Chicago IL (home port to Chicago IL)

Sold 1889 to W. F. Botsford (31/48) et al., Port Huron MI (home port to Port Huron MI

Stranded Sept 19, 1898 on the wreck of str. H. S. Pickands on Eagle River Reef off Keweenaw Point, Lake Superior.  Enroute from Port Huron MI to Duluth MI with cargo of flour.  The wreck was later destroyed in a storm on Sept 24, 1898.  Enrollment surrendered at Port Huron MI Dec 31, 1898.






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