Pabst, Fred

1890                                  Fred Pabst                                  1907

Wooden Great Lakes bulk freighter

Built at Milwaukee WI by Wolf & Davidson
Launched April 5, 1890

302’ LOA, 287’ LBP, 424’ beam, 29’ depth
1 deck, hold beams, coal-fired boilers, triple expansion engine, 1000 IHP

Enrolled at Milwaukee WI May 24, 1890 (#104)
287.3 x 42.6 x 24.0, 2430.78 GT, 1929.40 NT     US 120794     to:
West Division Steamship Co., Milwaukee WI, William H. Wolf, Mgr.  (home port Milwaukee WI)

Entered service 1890

Management of fleet 1901 to David Vance & Co., Milwaukee WI

Management of fleet 1902 to D. Sullivan & Co., Chicago IL

Sunk Oct 11, 1907 in collision with str. Lake Shore in the rapids of the St. Clair River near Point Edward ON.  No lives lost.  Upbound with cargo of coal.  Enrollment surrendered Dec 13, Later raised by Reid Wrecking Co., Port Huron MI and Sarnia ON and towed to Sarnia for expected use as a lighter.  Conversion never made.  Engine removed early 1917 for use in another vessel and hull later used as a floating dry dock at Port Huron for Wolverine Dry Dock Co.



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