(1931) 1932                                Britamoco                            1970 (1974)

Steel St. Lawrence River canal size tanker

Built at Haverton Hill-on-Tees England by Furness Shipbuilding Co., Hull 209
Launched March 15, 1931

258’ LOA, 250’ LBP, 43’2” beam, 18’ depth
1 deck, oil-fired boilers, triple expansion engine, 900 IHP

Enrolled at
250.0 x 43.2 x 17.9, 1932 GT, 1085 NT      Br 157359     to:
British American Oil Co., Halifax NS

Entered Great Lakes service June 19, 1932 carrying a cargo of oil from Montreal QC to Toronto (first trip up Welland Canal Aug 28, 1932;  made 4 trips to Upper Lakes in 1932)

Transferred 1932 to Britamlube Ltd., Toronto ON, a subsidiary of British-American Oil Co. (home port to Toronto ON)
Enrolled Canadian at 1099 NT     Can 157359    

Fleet sold 1946 to Gayport Shipping Ltd., Toronto ON

Fleet sold 1959 to Hall Corporation of Canada, Montreal QC (home port to Montreal QC) and vessel renamed Gulf Transport

Sides raised 1960 to trunk deck level
Remeasured to 25.4 depth and 2174 GT, 1218 NT

Sold 1970 for off-Lakes service and left the Great Lakes

Renamed Nonna Valeria (Italy) 1970

Scrapped 1974 at LaSpezia Italy

IMO 5137705

See history in Scanner Dec 1985 (#142)




2 thoughts on “Britamoco

  1. Is there a ship’s manifest available for the period between 1944 – 1950?
    My dad served on this ship. I’m trying to locate some historical detail of his life.

    • I do not have manifest information but my suggestion would be to post your question on the Information Search of This may be the most watched Q & A site going and is used by Lakes fans who have a wide variety of specific interests.

      Sterling Berry

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