Hackley, Charles H.

(1892) 1901                                  Charles H. Hackley                                  19

Steel passenger and package freight vessel (during service on the Great Lakes)

Built at Philadelphia PA by Neafie & Levy
Launched 1892

245’ LOA, 220’ LBP, 40’ beam, 21’ depth

Built as Hartford for the Hartford & New York Transportation Co., Hartford CN.  Confiscated by the United States in 1897 for running guns to rebels in Cuba.  Renamed U. S. S. Terry 1898 and served as a hospital ship during the Spanish American War.  Came to the Great Lakes in late summer 1901.

Enrolled at Chicago IL Sept 17, 1901 (#13)
220.0 x 40.0 x 13.0, 1304 GT, 887 NT     US 96172     to:
Chicago & Muskegon Transportation Co., Chicago IL (home port Chicago IL) and renamed Charles H. Hackley.

Sold 1905 to the Hackley Transportation Co.,

Sold 1906 to Goodrich Transit Co., Chicago IL (home port to Duluth MN) and renamed Carolina

Fleet went into receivership Dec 1932

Scrapped 1942

See history in Detroit Marine Historian Feb 1950 (#12)
Also in Great Lakes Ships We Remember p. 68



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