Ketchum, V. H.

1874                                 V. H. Ketchum                                 1905

Wooden Great Lakes bulk freighter

Built at Marine City MI by David Lester
Launched April 16, 1874
Largest vessel on the Great Lakes when built

242’ LOA, 233’ LBP, 41’ beam, 24’ depth
2 decks, coal-fired boiler, steeple compound engine,

Enrolled at Toledo OH July 13, 1774 (#2)
233.0 x 40.7 x 23.1, 1660.49 tons (1369.18 NT 1882)     US 25908     to:
M. Morris, Toledo OH

Entered service 1874

Sold 1880 to H. H. Adams and A. Delamater ½ each, Cleveland OH (home port to Cleveland OH)

Sold 1887 to James Pickands et al., Cleveland OH
(James Pickands 8/20, Samuel Mather 7/20, Joseph Sellwood 2/20, J. C. Morse 2/20 and George B. Mallory 1/20)

Repowered 1889 with triple expansion engine

Sold 1893 to William S. Mack 20/40 et al., Cleveland OH

Home port to Rockport OH 1894

Transferred 1896 to Lakewood Transportation Co., William S. Mack, Mgr.

Home port to Fairport OH 1897

Sold 1900 to Frank Seither, Cleveland OH (home port to Cleveland OH)

Remeasured 1901 to 1806 GT, 1291 NT

Converted 1904 to schooner at Algonac MI by Abram Smith (engine installed in str. R. W. England, being built at Ecorse MI for this operator [first vessel built by Great Lakes Engineering Works])

Caught fire Sept 16, 1905 off Parisien Island at the eastern end of Lake Superior towed by str. William Nottingham and beached.  Enroute from Duluth MN to Cleveland OH with cargo of iron ore.  The crew took to the lifeboat and two of nine aboard were lost when the boat capsized.  The hull drifted off and sank.  Enrollment surrendered Sept 23, 1905.






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