Moore, Alexander B.

1873                                 Alexander B. Moore                         1898

Wooden Great Lakes schooner

Built at Bangor MI by Ballentine Brothers
Launched May 24, 187

231’ LOA, 36’ beam, 21’ depth
1 deck

Enrolled at Port Huron MI May 27, 1873 (#108)
239.0 x 38.8 x 15.0, 1099.37 tons     US 6768     to:
Alexander B. Moore et al., Bay City MI (home port to Bay City MI)
(Alex B. Moore 1/6, James M. Ballentine 1/6, David Ballentine 2/6, Harry A. Ballentine 1/6, Edward F. Lawrence 1/6)

Sold 1877 to R. P. Fitzgerald, Milwaukee WI (home port to Milwaukee WI)

Renamed Northwest  (2) 1883
Remeasured to 1017.67 GT, 966.79 NT

Sold 1889 to James Corrigan and John Huntington (1/2 each, Cleveland OH (ome port to Cleveland OH)

Transferred 1893 to Corrigan Transit Co., James Corrigan, Mgr. (home port to Fairport OH)

Foundered April 5, 1898 between St. Helena Island and Waugoshance Point, Straits of Mackinac.  Enroute from Chicago IL to Buffalo NY with cargo of corn towed with barge Polynesia by str. Aurora, cut by ice and sank.  Enrollment surrendered April 13, 1898






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