1896                                 Appomattox                                 1905

Wooden Great Lakes bulk freighter

Built at West Bay City MI by James Davidson, Hull 77
Largest powered wooden vessel built on the Great Lakes

330’ LOA, 314’ LBP, 42’6” beam, 25’6” depth
1 deck, coal-fired boilers, triple expansion engine, 1050 IHP

Enrolled at Port Huron MI Aug 5, 1896 (#5)
308.2 x 42.6 x 21.2, 2380.88 GT, 1903.33 NT     US 116682     to:
James Davidson, West Bay City MI

Entered service 1896

Transferred 1899 to Davidson Steamship Co., Duluth MN, G. A. Tomlinson, Mgr. (home port to Duluth MN)

Sold 1899 to Boston Coal Dock & Wharf Co., Cleveland OH, Pickands Mather & Co., Mgr. (home port to Cleveland OH)

Home port back to Duluth MN ten days later

Stranded Nov 2, 1905 on North Point, Milwaukee WI, Lake Michigan.  Stranded in fog inbound with cargo of coal.  Cargo jettisoned but the tugs still could not pull her off.  No lives lost.
Abandoned to the underwriters as a constructive total loss.  Storm Nov 28 broke her hull into three pieces.  Enrollment surrendered March 28, 1906.



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