(1920) 1923                                  Aquidaban                                  193  (19

Steel twin-screw St. Lawrence River canal size bulk freighter

Built at Elizabeth NJ by Bethlehem Shipbuilding Co., Hull 2154
Launched 1920
Built for service off the Great Lakes

258’ LOA, 40’ beam, 18’7” depth
1 deck, coal-fired boilers, 2 triple expansion engines, 700 IHP

245.0 x 40.1 x 17.7, 1625 GT, 962 NT     US 223068

Owned in 1923 by Southgate Marine Corporation, Norfolk VA

Entered Great Lakes service Oct 1923 in temporary service in the fall grain trade.

Sold for off-Lakes service, renamed Transford II and left the Great Lakes

Converted to tanker and boilers converted to oil firing 1934 at Brooklyn NY by United Dry Dock Co.
Remeasured to 1703 GT, 1016 NT

Returned to the Great Lakes in the early 1930s for temporary service



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