Avery, Waldo A.

1884                                Waldo A. Avery                                    1923

Wooden Great Lakes bulk freighter

Built at West Bay City MI by F. W. Wheeler & Co., Hull 21
Launched Aug 27, 1884

262’ LBP, 39’6” beam, 18’ depth
I deck, hold beams, coal-fired boilers, fore and aft compound engine, 560 IHP

Enrolled at Port Huron MI Sept 1, 1884 (#27)
240.1 x 38.0 x 17.6, 1294.43 GT, 1035.08 NT     US 81048     to:
H. A. Hawgood 1/3 and Waldo A. Avery 2/3, Bay City MI (home port Bay City MI)

Entered service 1884

Home port to Cleveland OH 1889 (Hawgood and Avery ½ each)

Transferred 1891 to Hawgood & Avery Transit Co., H. A. Hawgood, Mgr.

Wrecked Dec 5, 1893 on McGilpin’s Point, Straits of Mackinac and burned to the water’s edge.  No lives lost.  Enroute from Chicago IL to Buffalo NY with cargo of corn.  Abandoned to the underwriters as a constructive total loss.  Enrollment surrendered Dec 13, 1893.

Raised, rebuilt 1894-1895 at West Bay City MI by James Davidson and returned to service
Reenrolled at Port Huron MI Oct 3, 1895 (Temp #19) at original dimensions and tonnages to:Steamer Phenix Co., Chicago IL, James J. Rardon, Mgr. and renamed Phenix.

Permanent enrollment at Chicago IL Oct 17, 1895 (#43)

Transferred 1904 to Phoenix Transportation Co., Chicago IL, C. W. Elphicke & Co., Mgr.

Sold 1910 to George Hall Coal Co., Ogdensburg NY

Renamed Liberty 1918

Dismantled 1923.  Hull sunk 1924 at Ogdensburg NY as part of a dock for the Diamond Match Co.  Enrollment surrendered June 30, 1924.






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