Barnum, William H.

1873                                  William H. Barnum                        1894

Wooden Great Lakes bulk freighter

Built at Detroit MI by James W. Jones
Launched April 5, 1873

1 deck, coal-fired boiler, high pressure engine,

Enrolled at Detroit MI May 30, 1873 (#179)
218.6 x 34.8 x 16.2, 937.15 tons     US 80342     to:
A. C. Burt and W. C. Ralph, Detroit MI (home port Detroit MI)

Sold 1878 to R. P. Fitzgerald et al., Milwaukee WI (home port to Milwaukee WI(Robert P. Fitzgerald and John Plankinton, Milwaukee WI and P. D. Armour and J. F. Armour, Chicago IL, ¼ each)

Rebuilt 1879 to 2 decks and deepened at Detroit MI
Remeasured to 21.4 depth and 1212.51 (1058.68 NT 1882)

Sold 1889 to J. J. H. Brown et al., Buffalo NY (home port to Buffalo NY)
(Edward Smith and James J. H. Brown 3/64 each)
(May have been sold 1892 for very short period to Charles Goulder 103/320 and others, Cleveland OH [home port to Cleveland OH].  Temporary Buffalo enrollment Feb 5, 1892 [#39] shows the change but another April 8, 1892 [#56] reverses the transaction.)

Sold 1893 to Harris W. Baker (1/3) et al., Detroit MI (home port to Detroit MI)

Foundered Straits of Mackinac April 3, 1894.  On first trip of the season enroute from Chicago IL to Port Huron MI with cargo of corn, her seams opened in heavy weather.  Ice fields in the Straits prevented a passing tug from towing her to shallow water.  The vessel was in poor condition and had been given insurance for only that trip.







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