Beatty, Charles

1902                                  Charles Beatty                                  1961

Steel Great Lakes bulk lumber carrier

Built at Toledo OH by Craig Shipbuilding Co., Hull 88
Launched April 16, 1902

204’ LBP, 40’ beam, 16’ depth
1 deck, hatches @ 24’, coal-fired boilers, triple expansion engine, 900 IHP

Enrolled at Toledo OH June 3, 1902 (#17)
211.5 x 40.5 x 13.4, 986 GT, 814 NT     US 127641     to:
Craig Shipbuilding Co., Toledo OH (home port Toledo OH

Entered service 1902

Reenrolled at Cleveland OH March 3, 1903 (#60) to:
Volunteer Transit Co., Cleveland OH (home port to Fairport OH)

Sold Feb 15, 1916 for off-Lakes service and left the Great Lakes

Renamed Usona 1916, Bayusona (Br 140405) 1917, Port de St. Malo (France) 1919,  Roslyn (Br.) and Usona 1923

Sold 1923 to White, Gratwick & Mitchell Steamship Co., Tonawanda NY and returned to the Great Lakes.
Remeasured to 211.0 x 40.1 x 13.0, 1366 GT, 795 NT

Sold 1924 to F. D. Gleason Coal Co., Detroit MI
Converted to sand dredge at River Rouge MI by Great Lakes Engineering Works
Remeasured to 212.6 x 40.2 x 13.2, 1310 GT, 745 NT

Sold 1936 to Nicholson Transit Co., Detroit MI and renamed Ironwood.

Sold 1942 to U. S. War Shipping Administration, Washington DC for off-Lakes service, converted back to bulk freighter at Ecorse MI by Nicholson Terminal & Dock Co. and left the Great Lakes.

Sold 1946 back to Nicholson Transit Co., returned to the Great Lakes and converted back to sand dredge

See history in Great Lakes Ships We Remember II p. 158



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