Blanchard, B. W.

1870                                      B. W. Blanchard                                     1904

Wooden Great Lakes package freighter

Built at Cleveland OH by John Martin

230’ LOA, 212’ LBP, 32’5” beam, 22’ depth
2 decks, coal-fired boilers, steeple compound engine, 400 IHP

Enrolled at Cleveland OH July 27, 1870 (Temp #3)
212.3 x 32.4 x 12.2, 1173.01 tons     US 2806     to:
Union Steamboat Co., Buffalo NY (home port Buffalo NY)

Entered service Aug 1870

Permanent enrollment at Buffalo NY Aug 13, 1870 (#35)

Remeasured 1972 to 1142.79 tons (1023.67 NT 1882)

Sold late 1886 to Buffalo & Duluth Transportation Co., Detroit MI, B. W. Parker, Mgr. (home port to Detroit MI)    

Sold 1902 to Kotcher-Restrick Lumber Co., Detroit MI

Converted to bulk freighter for the lumber trade at Milwaukee WI by Milwaukee Dry Dock Co.
Remeasured to 221.0 x 32.4 x 11.8, 919 GT, 526 NT

Stranded Nov 28, 1904 on Thunder Bay Island, Lake Huron.  Downbound from Cheboygan MI to Detroit MI with lumber, towing barges John T. Johnson and John Kelderhouse.  Johnson was lost;  Kelderhouse was salvaged.  Enrollment surrendered Dec 31, 1904.

See history in Great Lakes Ships We Remember III p. 37








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