Chicago (wooden)

1879                                        Chicago                           1909

Wooden Great Lakes package freighter

Built at Cleveland OH by Thomas Quayle & Sons
Launched June 1879

265’ LBP, 36’10” beam, 16’6” depth
2 decks, 2 coal-fired boilers, steeple compound engines, 500 IHP

Enrolled at Cleveland OH Aug 2, 1879 (Temp #11)
265.0 x 36.8 x 16.4, 1847.37 tons (1721.42 NT 1882)     US 125751     to:
Western Transportation Co., Buffalo NY (home port Buffalo NY)

Permanent enrollment at Buffalo NY Aug 15, 1879 (#11)

Firm renamed Western Transit Co. 1884

Renamed Rome 1901 (to free up former name for new vessel building for the fleet)

Did not operate for this fleet after 1903

Sold 1909 to Canadian Lake Transportation Co., Port Arthur ON (home port to Port Arthur ON.  U.S. enrollment surrendered Oct 15, 1909
Enrolled Canadian at 2044 GT, 1164 NT     Can 126048    

Destroyed by fire Nov 17, 1909 at Lime Island, St. Marys River.  Caught fire while docked awaiting vessel congestion at Sault St. Marie to clear.  Vessel, dock and pile of nearby lumber destroyed in the fire.




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