Columbus, Christopher

1893                                  Christopher Columbus                                  1936

Steel whaleback day excursion passenger vessel

Built West Superior WI by American Steel Barge Co, Hull 128
First frames laid Sept 13, 1892, launched Dec 3, 1892

362’ LOA, 348’ LBP, 42’ beam, 24’ depth
3 decks, coal-fired boilers, triple expansion engine, 2800 IHP

Enrolled at Marquette MI April 29, 1893 (#51)
362.0 x 42.0 x 24.0, 1511.05 GT, 945.95 NT     US 126952      to:
World’s Fair Steamship Co.
(Built to carry passengers between downtown Chicago IL and the Columbian Exposition – the Chicago World’s Fair – at the foot of Jackson Street on the city’s south side.  Was said to have carried over two million passengers her first year of operation.)

Entered service 1893

Transferred late 1893 to Columbian Whaleback Steamship Co.

Chartered 1894 to Hurson Line, Chicago IL, Gregory Hurson, Mgr.

Sold 1898 to Chicago & Milwaukee Steamship Co., Chicago IL, Goodrich Transportation Co., Mgr.

Transferred 1909 to Goodrich Transit Co.

Wrecked June 30, 1917 in Milwaukee WI harbor.  Sixteen lives lost.  Being turned around by tug to allow exit from the harbor, pushed by the tug into a shoreside water tower, which collapsed onto the forward deck of the vessel.  Repaired at Manitowoc WI and returned to service in 1918.

Firm went into receivership Nov 1930

Laid up at Manitowoc WI at the end of the 1932 season, shortly followed by the cessation of operations by the Goodrich Transit Co., and did not operate again.

Sold at auction 1933 to Chriscarala Corporation

Scrapped 1936 at Manitowoc MI

See history in Scanner May 2003 (#277)
Also in Detroit Marine Historian May-June 1950 (#15)
Also in Great Lakes Ships We Remember p. 141



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