Detroit (wooden)

1859                                       Detroit                                       1872

Wooden sidewheel Great Lakes passenger and freight vessel

Built at Buffalo NY by Mason & Bidwell
Launched May 19, 1859
Ordered for Detroit & Milwaukee Railroad to run across Lake Michigan between Grand Haven MI and Milwaukee WI

247’6” LOA, 34’ beam
1 deck, coal-fired boilers, vertical beam engine,

Enrolled at Buffalo NY Aug 22, 1859 (#83)
239’ x 34’4” x 13’2”, 1039 31/95 tons     to:
Julius Movius, Buffalo NY (home port Milwaukee WI)

Entered service 1859

Transferred 5 days later to Lake Michigan Transit Co.  

Transferred 1864 to Detroit & Milwaukee Railroad Co., Detroit MI (home port to Detroit MI)

Remeasured 1865 under Act of May 6, 1864 (new measuring rules) to 240.0 x 34.8 x 12.5, 880.58 tons     US 6198 

Sold 1870 to James M. Ballentine, Detroit MI

Converted to schooner at Detroit MI by Campbell & Owen
Remeasured to 34.8 beam and 723.48 tons
(Her beam engine was installed in str. Northwest in winter 1876-1877, replacing her original engine taken from str. Planet.)

Converted 1871 to propeller at Detroit MI by Campbell & Owen
Remeasured to 699.30 tons

Foundered Sept 29, 1872 off Harrisville MI, Lake Huron.  Enroute from Saginaw MI to Chicago IL with cargo of lumber towing schooner Hunter.  Sprang leak during gale.  Her engine was extinguished from incoming water and both vessels drifted ashore and were destroyed.  Enrollment surrendered March 8, 1873.









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