1912                                  Fordonian                                  1942 (1946)

Steel St. Lawrence River canal size package freighter

Built at Glasgow Scotland by Clyde Shipbuilding & Engineering Co., Hull 298

250’ LBP, 42’7 ¾ “ beam, 26’6” depth
2 decks, hatches @ 24’, oil-fired diesel engine, 1100 BHP

Enrolled at Glasgow Scotland
250.0 x 42.6 x 23.6, 2368 GT, 1905 NT     Br 133077     to:
Canada Interlake Line,   (home port Glasgow Scotland)

Enrollment transferred to Canada 1915     Can 133077     (home port to Montreal QC)

Fleet merged 1916 into Canada Steamship Lines, Montreal QC

Sold 1917 for off-Lakes service during World War I and left the Great Lakes.
Enrolled U.S.     US 214598

Sold 1923 (or, probably, chartered;  most sources indicate she was still owned by American-Mediterranean Steamship Co., New York NY, her last owner during her years in off-Lakes service, until her subsequent sale to Paterson Steamships Ltd.) to Connelly Transportation Corporation, Buffalo NY, W. M. Connelly, Mgr. and returned to the Great Lakes
Chartered to Canada Atlantic Transit Co., Toronto ON

Sold Aug 20, 1926 to Paterson Steamships Ltd., Fort William ON (home port to Toronto ON)
Enrollment transferred back to Canada at her original dimensions and tonnages.

Renamed Yukondoc 1927.

Sold 1929 to Northwest Steamships Ltd., Midland ON, A. A. Hudson, Mgr. and renamed Georgian  (1)

Grounded Nov 28, 1932 in storm near Munising MI, Lake Superior and abandoned to the underwriters as a constructive total loss.  No lives lost.

Sold 1933 to Sin-Mac Lines, Montreal QC.  Raised and repaired.

Sold 1934 to Federal Motorship Corporation, Buffalo NY (home port to Buffalo NY) and renamed Badger State.
Converted to New York State Barge Canal vessel at Ogdensburg NY
Reenrolled U.S. at 16.7 depth and 1539 GT, 1118 NT

Requisitioned 1942 for off-Lakes service during World War II and left the Great Lakes

Wrecked Jan 14, 1946 off southeastern Mexico, Gulf of Mexico

See history in Scanner March 1972 (#20)
Also March 2007 (#305)



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