Gaucher, Nancy Orr

(1967) 1989                           Nancy Orr Gaucher                1994 (20

Steel asphalt tanker

Built at Lodose Sweden by Lodose Varv A/B, Hull 151
Launched April 22, 1967 as Lana (Sweden 10849) for ocean service.  Renamed New Orleans (Br 711063) 1988.  Sold 1989 to owners below, renamed Nancy Orr Gaucher and came to the Great Lakes

344’6” LOA, 324’7” LBP, 41’ beam, 28’ depth
1 deck, oil-fired diesel engine, 4350 BHP

Enrolled at
323.4 x 41.1 x 25.0, 2999 GT, 1585 NT     Can 711063     to:
Socanav Inc., Montreal QC (home port Montreal QC)

Entered Great Lakes service May 1989

Transferred 1994 to off-Lakes service and left the Great Lakes

Renamed Petrawak 1996 and Tonga 2000.

IMO 6712863        





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