1925                                  Glenledi                                  1967

Steel St. Lawrence River canal size package freighter

Built at Wallsend-on-Tyne England by Swan, Hunter & Wigham Richardson, Hull 1271

264’6” LOA, 253’ LBP, 44’3” beam, 27’ depth
1 deck, hatches @ 24’, coal-fired boilers, triple expansion engine, 2050 IHP
Built at a length to enable her passage through the St. Lawrence River canals on her delivery voyage.
She crossed the Atlantic Ocean in Aug 1925 with the material for her midship body carried in her cargo hold and sailed to Collingwood ON, where the lengthening was completed by the Collingwood Shipbuilding Co.

Enrolled at
379.1 x 44.2 x 23.9, 3571 GT, 2172 NT     Can 148133     to:
Great Lakes Transportation Co., Midland ON

Entered service Oct 1925

Sold March 10, 1926 to Canada Steamship Lines, Montreal QC and renamed Renvoyle  (2)

Sank str. Sylvania June 1, 1967 in collision while Sylvania was docked at Peerless Cement Co., Port Huron MI, St. Clair River.  Vessel awarded to Tomlinson Fleet Corporation, owner of Sylvania.  Sold Nov 15, 1967 at auction by U. S. Marshall to Acme Iron & Metal Co., Ashtabula OH and scrapped at Ashtabula

See history in Scanner Midsummer 1972 (#23)
Also May 2004 (#285)
Also in Great Lakes Ships We Remember II p. 293



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