Gratwick, William H. (wooden)

1887                                 William H. Gratwick                                 1928

Wooden Great Lakes bulk freighter

Built at West Bay City by F. W. Wheeler & Co., Hull 30
Launched May 14, 1887

278’ LOA, 265’ LBP, 39’6” beam, 21’ depth
1 deck, hold beams, coal-fired boilers, triple expansion engine, 1350 IHP
With strs. Roumania and Cambria the first Great Lakes vessels with triple expansion engines.  (Roumania was the first to enter service.)

Enrolled at Port Huron MI May 18, 1887 (Temp #151)
265.5 x 40.5 x 19.4, 1687.89 GT, 1175.05 NT     US 81145     to:
William H. Gratwick et al., Buffalo NY (home port to Buffalo NY)

Entered service 1887

Permanent enrollment at Buffalo NY June 8, 1887 (#80)

Sold 1899 to Tonawanda Iron & Steel Co., Tonawanda NY

Renamed Fleetwood 1901

Sold Oct 1, 1915 to Capt. W. J. Willoughby, Huron OH, who with Chief Engineer Richard Baxter formed W. and B. Transportation Co. to operate her

Converted 1918 to automobile carrier at River Rouge MI by Great Lakes Engineering Works

Sold 1924 to Nicholson Transit Co., Detroit MI, William Nicholson, Mgr.

Management of fleet aasumed 1924 by Nicholson-Universal Steamship Co., Fred L. Hewitt, Mgr.

Fleet transferred 1927 to Nicholson-Universal Steamship Co., Detroit MI
(William Nicholson sold his fleet to Nicholson-Universal and agreed not to engage in the transportation of automobiles on the Great Lakes for a period of 20 years)

Sold 1928 for use as a dock at Buffalo NY.  Vessel dismantled and towed out, along with former str. Roumania, which had been similarly dismantled for use as a dock at Cleveland OH, by str. Fellowcraft.  Before either vessel could be delivered, both foundered without warning and sank.








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