Great Western

1867                                    Great Western                                 1965

Iron sidewheel cross-river railroad carferry

Built at Walkerville ON by Henry H. Jenkins
10,878 iron plates for hull fabricated in Glasgow, Scotland and shipped to Walkerville for assembly.  Henry Jenkins sent from Glasgow to supervise the construction.
Launched Sept 6, 1866

200’ LBP, 40’2” beam, 13’ depth
2 decks, 4 coal-fired boilers, 2 compound engines, 1360 IHP

Enrolled Canadian 220.0 x 40.2 x 10.0, 1252 GT, 712 NT     to:
Great Western Railway Co., Windsor ON (home port Windsor ON)

Entered service Jan 1, 1867

Transferred 1882 to Grand Trunk Railway Co., Windsor ON
Remeasured to 220.0 x 40.2 x 13.0, 1080 GT, 662 NT     Can 80576

Withdrawn from service after 1922 season

Sold Dec 3, 1923 to Essex Transit Co., Ford (East Windsor) ON and reduced to barge

Sold 1932 to Wallaceburg Sand & Gravel Co., Wallaceburg ON

Sold 1939 to Pine Ridge Navigation Co., Windsor ON

Sold 1941 to United Towing & Salvage Co., Port Arthur ON

Scrapped 1965

See history in Detroit Marine Historian Oct 1950 (#18)
Also in Great Lakes Ships We Remember p. 206











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