Gratwick, William H. 1

1893                                  William H. Gratwick    1                                  1924

Steel Great Lakes bulk and package freight vessel

Built at West Bay City MI by F. W. Wheeler & Co., Hull 93
Launched Feb 4, 1993

350’ LOA,  328’ LBP & keel, 42’ beam, 25’ depth
2 decks, hold beams, hatches @ 24’, coal-fired boilers, triple expansion engine, 1200 IHP

Enrolled at Port Huron MI Apr 15, 1993 (Temp. #109)
328.0 x 42.5 x 20.5, 2818.27 GT, 2202.90 NT     US 81427     to:
John Mitchell

Entered service 1893

Permanent enrollment at Cleveland OH Mar 24, 1894 (#42) to:

Mitchell Steamship Co., Cleveland OH, John Mitchell, Mgr. (home port Fairport, OH)

Chartered for periods during 1890s to Western Transit Co., Buffalo NY

Sold fall 1899 to Drake-Maytham Steamship Co., Buffalo NY

Chartered for 1900 season (also 1901?) to Canada Atlantic Transit Co., Chicago IL

Chartered for 1902 season, then sold fall 1902 to United States Transportation Co., Cleveland OH  (home port to Oswego NY)

Chartered for 1905 and 1906 seasons to Graham & Morton Transportation Co., Chicago IL for package freight service between Chicago and Duluth

Chartered for 1907 season to Chicago & Duluth Transportation Co., Chicago IL, James W. Prindiville, Mgr.

Sold fall 1907 to Prindiville Transportation Co., Chicago IL (home port to Chicago IL)

Assigned 1908 and 1909 seasons, then transferred 1910 to Chicago & Duluth Transportation Co., Chicago IL (home port to Michigan City IN)

Converted 1911 to be able to carry some passengers as well as package freight and renamed Minnekahta

Owner became insolvent about 1912 and D. Sullivan & Co., Chicago IL became manager and receiver

Sold 1914 to Great Lakes Transportation Co., Midland ON, James Playfair, Mgr. (home port to Midland ON) and renamed Glenlyon.

Converted back  for full bulk/package freight service at Owen Sound ON by Owen Sound Dry Dock Co.
Enrolled Canadian at 328.0 x 42.5 x 20.5, 2759 GT, 1644 NT     Can 126660

Wrecked Nov 1, 1924 off Menagerie Island, Siskiwit Bay, Isle Royale MI in Lake Superior.  Enroute from Fort William ON with a cargo of wheat for Port Colborne ON, she attempted to take shelter from a heavy storm and ran on a reef.  No lives lost.  During the ensuing winter the wreck was broken up by storms.

See history in Scanner Feb 1990 (180)




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