1871                                          India                                   1942 (1945)

Iron Great Lakes passenger and package freight vessel

Built at Buffalo NY by King Iron Works
Launched July 1871

220’ LOA, 206’ LBP, 32’ beam, 24’2” depth
2 decks, coal-fired boiler, low pressure engine

Enrolled at Erie PA July 16, 1871 (#1)
210.0 x 32.6 x 14.0, 1239.46 tons (gross tons, 932.02 NT 1882)     US 100008     to:
Erie & Western Transportation Co., Erie PA (home port Erie PA) Great Lakes vessel fleet of Pennsylvania Railroad, as known as the “Anchor Line”

Sold 1907 to Montreal & Lake Erie Steamship Co., Toronto ON and renamed City of Ottawa. U. S. enrollment surrendered March 27, 1907

Enrolled Canadian 220.0 x 35.5 x 14.0, 1529 GT, 838 NT     Can 122018     (home port to Ottawa ON)

Reengined with fore and aft compound engine, 550 IHP

Fleet merged 1913 into Canada Steamships Ltd., Montreal QC

Remeasured 1916 to 218.0 x 32.6 x 13.7, 1323 GT, 671 NT

Laid up after 1926 season

Sold 1928 to Service Gravel Co., Marysville MI, Charles F. Mann, Mgr. and renamed India. Returned to U. S. flag

Sold 1929 Algoma Steamship Co., Hamilton ON and renamed Sault Ste. Marie. Returned to Canadian flag (home port to Sarnia ON)

Fleet failed and vessel sold 1930 at Marshal’s sale at Detroit MI to Detroit Tug Line, Detroit MI, Thomas H. Candler, Mgr., converted to barge and renamed India. Returned to U. S. flag

Sold 1933 to Pine Ridge Coal Co., Detroit MI.

Sold 1934 to India Navigation Co., Cleveland OH, C. W. Bryson, Mgr.

Sold 1942 to U. S. Maritime Commission, Washington DC for off-Lakes service.  Towed down Mississippi River and moored in Lake Pontchartrain LA.  Scrapped 1945.

See history in Scanner Feb 1976 (#54)
Also in Great Lakes Ships We Remember p. 222










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