1916                                  Iocolite                                  1958 (20

Steel tanker

Built at Collingwood ON by Collingwood Shipbuilding Co., Hull 46
Launched April 29, 1916

258’ LOA, 250’ LBP, 43’ beam, 25’6” depth
2 decks, oil-fired boiler, triple expansion engine, 1023 IHP

Enrolled at Sarnia ON
250.0 x 43.1 x 16.6, 2060 GT, 1549 NT     Can 134514     to:
Imperial Oil Ltd., Toronto ON (home port Sarnia ON)

Entered service Sept 1916

Served both on and off the Great Lakes during her career

Renamed Imperial Kingston 1947

Remeasured 1950 to 1986 GT, 1546 NT

Sold for scrap 1958 to Marine Salvage Ltd., Port Colborne ON.  Resold 1960 to A. B. McLean & Sons Ltd., Sault Ste. Marie ON.

Shortened and converted to salvage barge 1961 at Sault Ste. Marie ON by A. B. McLean & Sons Ltd. (home port to Sault Ste. Marie ON) and renamed Charles W. Johnson.
Remeasured to 236.4 x 43.0 x 13.3, 1170 GT, 1069 NT

Sunk as dock facing for Algoma Steel Corporation at Sault Ste. Marie ON

See history in Scanner Dec 2009 (#324)



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